That awkward moment

When you can hear every single word an advisor is saying… well more like yelling at his wife… Honey I’ve got to go to work, I’ve got to go to work! You do what you do! I’ve got to go to work! Dammit!

Think before you speak

Omfg I feel like an ass hole the person who recently took over my account at the staffing agency is named Shannon banks… I thought it was a woman, turns out he’s a black Irish guy who lives in Georgia… I only found tht out just now bc I talked to him about my missing check

Work dilemma

I was hired by a financial institution through a temp agency in May, they extended a full time permanent position to me yesterday and I accepted of course… But my dilemma is- do I ask my manager for the 20 - 24th of this month off to renew my hazwoper certification or do I wait until April?

I’ve been on the phone with tech support since about 8am and I’m waiting for the guy to finish reinstalling a key software program so I searched online for when the hazwoper course is being held and found out it’s 1 week away :/

Work so far today…

Keep in mind 10 am is early for me and the coffee is just now barely starting to kick in…

-Head 2 assistants won’t be in, so I have no work to do

-2 people asked me about the Serrano Concours show I’m volunteering for

-1 older advisor said he has a relaxing weekend planned including yoga, and he loves it because it’s soothing for the mind, body and soul. Unlike coming here and having to string together nouns.

I don’t know how to respond appropriately to that :/

Clients are funny

When they have to wait for their advisor…

"Some companies, other than this one, try to scare people into buying their retirement plans. Client quotes a commercial he saw ‘How will you live if you run out of social security benefits?’ Client continues, I probably won’t live to be 90 or even 80, but if I do I’m still viable for becoming a hit man."

Then he starts singing….

That horribly awkward moment when there’s a person in the bathroom stall next to you who just sits there trying to wait for you to leave but you wish they’d be the one to leave